Coffee Caramel Ice Cream & Cotton Candy Cupcakes

With summer officially here, I think it’s only fitting that we pivot to hot weather recipes. Ice cream isn’t one of those things that I eat often, but when I do, I love it homemade. And the cupcakes? Both fun and delicious. In case you missed June’s recipes, catch up below!

In Case You Missed It
Coffee Caramel Ice Cream
Caffeinated. Extravegent. Rich.
12 hours

If you need to cool down and still get your caffiene kick, this ice cream is perfect for you! Sure, you need to let it freeze overnight, but once you take one bite of this, ribbons of caramel swirled throughout, you’ll get it: it’s worth the wait.
Cotton Candy Cupcakes
Fun. Nostalgic. Sweet.
2 hours | Approximately 12 cupcakes

These twist on a carnival favorite will whisk you away to a similiar time, when the only decision you had to make was which ride you would go on next. While the cake is vanilla, the cotton candy comes into play in both the frosting AND the decorations on top. Don’t worry–they only look hard to make.
From the Kitchen Floor
Ever go to pipe a cupcake, the bag breaks, and the frosting goes everywhere? Been there, done that!

As frustrating as it is, sometimes the only thing you can do is empty the bag, throw it away, and start over. No use crying over spilled milk!

Still Hungry for More?

The next recipe will be up this weekend, but if you still want more, check out my Instagram, daniellesmixingbowl (mention the blog or tag me in in your recipes and get a follow!) Hope to see you there!
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